Mohamed Osman re-elected as speaker of Parliament


Mohamed Sh. Osman Jawari was Wednesday was re-elected as the speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia in the election held at the house of the People, SONNA reported.

Idiris Abdi Dhaktar, Abdifitah Ibrahim Gesay, Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig got the election competition with former Speaker, Mohamed Osman, in attendance with 259 lawmakers.

” Mohamed Osman Jawari got 41 votes, Abdirashid got 97 votes, Abdifitah Ibrahim Gesay got 17 votes and Idiris Dhaktar got 2 votes while two other votes became bad, therefore, Osman Jawari won in the election”, Osman Elmi, Acting Speaker said.

Congratulations go to the new re-elected speaker, Jawari now.


By Cobra


Source: SONNA



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