Mogadishu Mayor orders the blocked streets in Mogadishu to be unblocked


Mogadishu mayor Yusuf Hussin Jimcale has ordered the streets in Mogadishu which are blocked with huge stones to be unblocked.

“It is really a big problem to see that the main streets in Mogadishu are blocked with big stones for what those who did it think that the stones will secure their security which is absolutely wrong. Stones cannot secure security and I want the blocked streets to be unblocked with immediate effect.” said Mogadishu mayor.

The mayor has also added that the streets are narrowed by the stones and sand bags, and it is quite difficult for motorists to use the streets.

The former Mogadishu mayor Muungaab has several times made attempts to reopen the closed streets, but has failed to reopen the streets.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein



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