Galmudug President: Parliamentary session in Adado is illegal


The president of the central semi-autonomous federal state of Galmudug HE Abdikarim Hussein Guled has described the parliament’s decision sacking him from power as “illegitimate” .

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu on Tuesday, president Abdikarin Hussein Guled said the normal sessions of his administration’s parliament remained closed and the MPs are still on their vocation.

“Several MPs who held a secret meeting at a cafe in Adado could not vote me out of the power, as the parliament sessions are not yet opened officially,” Mr Guled said at the press conference.


He said Today’s meeting by the MPs in Adado was politically motivated and could not be excepted as it is against the constitution of Galmudug state of Somalia.

President of Galmudug State, Abdikarim Hussein Guled has on Tuesday said that the session of members of Galmudug Parliament in Adado is illegal, following a vote of no confidence against him hours earlier, SONNA reported.



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